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Wet & Wild

Single Rider tickets = 21.00 each

Double Rider tickets = 15.50 per person

Volume specials 10 or more = 13.00 each

Dry Harness

Single Rider tickets = 22.00 each

Double Rider tickets = 15.50 per person

Volume specials 10 or more = 14.00 each

Please see our waivers for adults and minors. This will need to be signed by an adult before zorbing.
You can print online and bring it with you, or simply sign one on site.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Zorb Balls?

Zorb balls are giant human hamster balls that allow you to roll around on land, water, or any smooth surface inside a large inflatable padded bubble ball. ZorbKy has both the dry harness ride and the wet and wild ride.

What is zorbing?

Zorbing originated in New Zealand over 15 years ago and is still very new to the United States. ZorbKy features two thrilling options to go down hill. One option is the "Dry Harness Ride" and it allows you to be strapped inside the padded 10'6" ball with a harness. Then you and the zorbky ball will rotate over and over as you speed down the hill. The other option we offer is the "Wet & Wild Ride" option which allows you to sit upright or lay on your back and slide freely on the bottom inside of the padded ball with 5 gallons of water while bouncing and speeding down the 1130 feet hill. Both options are very exhilarating, extremely fun, and still very new to most of the United States.

Who can ride the ZorbKy adventure rides?

The Wet & Wild rides can be for ages six and up so long as they are accompanied by someone over the age sixteen. The "Dry Harness" is for those over the age 14. Likewise the weight maximum restrictions are 275 lbs for the Wet & Wild and 200 lbs for the Dry Harness. These rides are not recommended for those with heart conditions or other serious health conditions.

What are the options?

Wet & Wild (Bring your swim suit, changing rooms onsite)

This options is very fun and exciting. Likewise the most popular with all ages. The Wet & Wild ride allows riders to slide and bounce on the inside of the padded ball with 5 gallons of water. This option does not cause the riders to go upside down. Also this ride can be ridden by those young as age 6 if accompanied by someone age 16.

Dry Harness (No water added this ride stays dry)

This is the dry ride option as the name implies. However you be harness to the inside of the padded ball and you will roll over and over as the ball races down the thousand foot plus hill. This option is for the more daring lot and also very exciting and exhilarating. Those with serious health conditions should not try this one. Also note that age and weight limits apply.

Special Notes:
Don't forget your swim suit.
Minors must have a parent or guardian sign the waiver form before riding.
You are welcome to take pictures and video.
We also have a large selection of cool ZORBKY T-shirts available.
Let the adventures begin!!!

Where are we located?

925 Mammoth Cave Road

Cave City, KY 42127

If you have more questions, reach us by phone or email

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